• anon

    Your mail service is delayed because you are CARELESS and INATTENTIVE and have no logical processes in place. Case in point: THREE weeks ago I dropped a parcel at the local post office in Magnolia, Texas, like I've done many times. After prodding the customer service phone line (the fact that I have to wait 45 minutes for a call back indicates what a pathetic job USPS is doing). Turns out the parcel was sent to Los Angeles - the opposite direction it should have been sent. I was given every excuse they could think of as to why. Mostly the answer was "we don't know." At the local post office I got the ridiculous response that Customs controls that. No, Customs has nothing to do with transporting mail inside the USA. These stupid answers are insulting. Today - 3 weeks after the parcel was sent - I was notified that it is now in New York. Stupidity and carelessness in mail handling will put USPS out of business. USPS does NOT care how late my parcel is but I DO care, as does the recipient. Goodbye USPS. Hellow UPS.

    May 19, 2021
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