• anon

    Sorry to hear you got the Philadelphia Treatment. USPS is awful here. They lie, falsifying scans of package whereabouts ( total misconduct/violation of procedure). OIG says call local Consumer Affairs (also in Philadelphia). Consumer Affairs lies, claims he falsified scans are just dome by an “automated “ system. Sometimes they says is a “systematic “ process. Yes. It is systematic. I’ve had double digits of cases fir these kinds of things. It’s clear fraud/ falsifying, but OOG does nothing. We can’t expect local Consumer Affairs to police themselves. According to expose by Washington Post & OIG’s own audits of the Post Office—deliberately falsifying scans can boot the appearance of local post office performance—never mind how it erodes consumer confidence & ultimately causes us to hate USPS/ need to use alternative private delivery services. This misconduct, unchecked, will be the death of the Post Office. How horrible when their own dishonesty causes wicked corporations like FedEx to put them out of business. I do not want for profit corporations handling our election ballots …but here we are. USPS needs new leadership. Hope USPS resolves

    May 18, 2021
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