• anon

    The richest, most powerful country in the world, and we can't even get our mail delivered on time... not even close to on time! I just got done dealing with a broken cell phone that was replaced by my insurance. I had 10 days to return the broken phone from them using the preprinted first class label and box they provided. I left it at the post office February 27, 2 days after I received my replacement. Figured all was good. Sent in with my life. 25 days later, I get a letter from the insurance company saying I owe them $902 for the non-returned phone. I call USPS, raging inside but polite, the just chuckles a Irie and says "this hairball ask the time!" I have them open an "investigation" (which means they look up the tracking number and find it was never even scanned into the system! Which I already did dozens of times!) I get an email from the investigation team 3 days later saying, "Sorry, your package has been lost. Thanks for using USPS though!" 2 months later, just out of curiosity. I check the tracking number to find that it was magically delivered to the insurance company. 2 months first class mail means 2 months to travel from Washington to Texas. What a steaming turd of a system the USPS is! I can't wait for it to disappear and be replaced by a system that actually knows how to do their job!

    May 10, 2021
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