• anon

    What is the point of leaving a message if you can't tell the truth and the truth is employees in the post office still I've had to happen to me and countless friends and family members especially in North Carolina and you want to hide that I don't understand that is the male delayed maybe maybe not yes delayed we can understand the common situation but it's also delayed because it's never coming I've had two family members delivered boxes completely empty actually somebody left their food trash in the box as another smack in the face but no mine my information might not even get posted so other people know what's going on because it's hurting the post office give me a break what you want to tell all about cherries and roses I will say the post office as a whole is an awesome company awesome people great staffed good people who work hard I give that to them who do a job that most couldn't do I give that to them but the areas where you need attention you don't give it Charlotte North Carolina is a distribution center that steals the hell out of people's boxes whether it's shoestrings or Adderall they steal.

    May 06, 2021
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