• anon

    Lanexa , VA 23089. We are dealing on and of with delayed mail which is not good. But the worse is missing mail ! Talking about bank statements , credit card statements , and mail from the US treasury. Also last year when we had bank and credit card statements missing, a few months later we had a fraudulent high charge on our credit card . Makes me wonder if it had to do with the missing mail pieces , which included account numbers. Is there somewhere a fox in the hen house ? I do not want to accuse anyone , but there are problems going on through the years. Years ago my mother sent me every so often some money in letters , which went missing several times . So eventually she stopped doing it , because it was a hit or miss , if I would receive it. It also angers me that if a “ fox “ get’s caught , this person only gets a slap on the hand. Stealing mail , etc , should get big time punishment . Otherwise working for the postal service can be heaven , for a person that has no good in mind. Thanks goodness most postal workers are good honest people. But the foxes under them , can surely do harm. Thanks for listening. Sadly I know that nothing will change.

    May 03, 2021
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