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    Delayed mail ?? I retired Dec 1 2021. Roughly in Sept 2021 USPS newly appointed PMG Louis DeJoy decided that all mail would be cased after delivery of morning mail. This alone delayed mail by 1 day. COVID had many offices left with zero carriers. Rural carriers are paid a salary and thus do not earn OT for being over hours paid as long as under 54 hrs week. I worked 9-10 hrs day REG and my pay was for 8.5 . Parcels are crazy. We were required to return several times a day for late arriving parcels. We were called at home at 8pm asking us if we delivered a parcel because the scan had not shown up in reports. The delay would show up several hrs later. Our office had 100% scanned parcels. really ?? NOPE. The managers would go through list and manually put them through as being delivered. This act has been going on in my office for last 4 years. Our office had a parcel increase of 1000%...yes 1,000 percent. NO dispatch time change. I was required to drive like a manic just to make dispatch. The younger carriers drove even faster. I am the only carrier to retire at age 60 with 27 yrs. The rest of my office has 2 carriers 50yrs old and they have another 10 yrs to go. We AS RURAL CARRIERS have been abused by the time system. It worked in our favor before parcels because we did not take a break to eat or anything. I had to pee in a container in back of mail truck!! The reason is time. 10 min to drive back to office . 5 min in bathroom. 10 min back to where I left off. That is 25 minutes....IF traffic was light. I could not go back to office just for bathroom. Our start times were increased to 830 am instead of 630 am. Our mail arrived 6am, but clerk hrs were cut so they could not finish sorting our mail UNTIL 830 am. Dispatch was still 530 pm- since 1993. There were many many times where someone had to drive and get all our mail we had collected at 520pm to give to truck driver and then the manager had to take our remaining collected mail that was after 530pm and drive it to another office that had a later dispatch time. This is just a few things that have delayed mail. This has been a nightmare for last 7 yrs.

    Sep 01, 2021
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