• anon

    I mailed a package out to my daughter in South Africa on July 2, 2021. It was mailed priority mail, which I paid for and it has been stuck in the U.S. since! I have mailed packages before and it takes a good amount of time for her to get them, but the issue is always when it gets to South Africa!! It hasn't even left the U.S. yet! She needs this package and it's getting ridiculous. When I look at the tracking, it goes back and forth and back and forth between facilities and then got stuck in Chicago!! I haven't had an update since Aug. 2nd. And the contact numbers are a joke. It's all automated and just keeps having me put in the tracking number and then gives me the latest update that I can see online. I am so frustrated that I can't even talk to a real person! My local post office just shrugs their shoulders. I paid for priority!!

    Aug 18, 2021
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