• anon

    I had my mail going to my dad's house for a while, but I don't stay with him anymore I actually moved in to an apartment in the same complex I put in a change of address which it was just the same except for the apartment number and everything changed and very sufficient time and I'm getting my mail now they held it for a couple days but now my dad has not received any mail for 4 days and he gets mail every day for him or my mom I checked my change-of-address I did not put entire house I only put for myself there's no reason why my Dad's mail. Or be held he had a stroke a couple years ago he cannot fill out paperwork or call and speak to you all about it properly so we are trying to inquire about it and I don't know who I need to speak with there is important mail that should be coming and probably already has and we need to find out where it's at and how he gets it

    Aug 16, 2021
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