• anon

    My comment yesterday did not make the cut either. I just wonder if the comments posted by customers in this OIG blog are just "selected and filtered" in order to allow only the posting of the "less severe cases of gross incompetence", leaving out of view the worst cases in order to sabotage evidence of the truth of how the USPS is operating . My case consist of a certified letter (with signature and proof receipt) mailed as certified (7/14/2021) from Jensen Beach to St Petersburg, Florida, that never reached the destination, even after 15 days "in transit" and their system tracking consistently indicating "in transit" and with an "arrive late" status. When I went to present my case to the Jensen Beach branch (place of origin) they unprofessionally and unethically opted to verbally mistreat me (yelling at me) saying in front of other customers: Leave the premises now or we will call the police! I am a senior citizen (70 y.o.) and never ever treated like that before. I am a customer and I not only expect a better service from the USPS but a treatment with deserved respect and basic human sensitivity and specially coming from a governmental agency that I contribute with my federal taxes to their own existence. My expectations with the USPS is that they deliver the certified letter on time, collect the signature, send me back the receipt, and scan the letter so it will show its location at the different stages of delivery, something basic in any tracking system. Also I expect that when presenting to them the situation of issue at hand for them to correct and or just handle and acknowledge that they pay attention and use respect and rules of customer service. I should treated with deserved respect as a customer of the USPS while presenting any service case for their attention. A "deserved attention" to a case when the customer presents to them the details of their service mistake. In fact, the only way for them to resolve any service situation is just for them to listen to the customer and then proceed later to resolve the issue, if solvable. However, a desire to professionally and ethically solve an issue is vital even if the issue is unsolvable by the USPS. The case (mine in particular) should not escalate to gross elderly customer abuse and or elderly abuse. It is already bad enough for the USPS like it is with very clear evidence that they can not even deliver certified letters and can not track the locations of the letters even after 15 days.

    Jul 29, 2021
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