• anon

    I made a comment yesterday that didn't make the cut, how is it that major player in the mail delivery game can't get their act together, people complain about being out of jobs well if its about mail sorting then get hiring my package has been sitting since June 5th, 2021 says its " In transit". Enough is enough you are ruining the reputation of small businesses who have to absorb the costs of your disconcern for peoples items, some are precious, some are business materials someone might need to get a contract or a job and all they do is shrug shoulders and say they are looking into it. I think we are past the point of blaming covid and the influx of packages nothing has change just the post master who thinks doing it the old school way will work better...............look at where it has got you I have two tournaments because I dont have my equipment that i ordered and no help what so ever, dont know how you can operate like this and expect people to support you.

    Jul 06, 2021
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