• anon

    Why doesn't management address issues? Are they prevented from replacing negligent workers? My package delivered to MEMPHIS NETWORK FACILITY by DHL, to be mailed to Tupelo, Miss., 100 miles to the SE. Package was sent to Pittsburg, Penn., via Cincinnati. Returned to Memphis where it languished for several days before being put BACK on a truck to Pittsburg yesterday! Sadly, this is the third time in 18 months a priority package has taken the same route from Memphis. Yes, the workers are making mistakes, for whatever reasons, but management seems to do nothing to correct issues. Start firing managers. Complaints are ignored. My recent complaint was answered by a CSR in the Tupelo USPS. Tupelo is golden, and NOT the problem. Why route a complaint to the final destination, when the package is misrouted before prior to reaching FD? PLEASE, go to the source of the issues, then move up the paygrade scale to the real problem.

    Jun 10, 2021
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