• anon

    It's absolutely mind-boggling that you are asking the question of would customers except reduced customer service if the prices were lowered if you reduce customer service any lower than it already is there will be none I have never been so disgusted and disappointed with a government entity as I am the post office in my entire life they've managed to lose four separate pieces of mail that was detrimental that I receive it big shocker nothing a month-and-a-half later still nothing no answer that is unscripted whatsoever no help no customer service and no mail lol and you're actually asking opinions about reducing the customer service to lower prices do you know what a joke that is I don't know what happened to The Postal Service but it never used to be this way ever I used to always count on USPS it's a complete joke anymore I would rather drive five states to pick my stuff up they never count on this place again ever !! BEYOND DISGUSTED

    Apr 26, 2021
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