• anon

    I asked for help as to what to use to mail 2 envelopes guaranteed 2 day delivery. I was told Priority 2 day mail. I paid $7.95 for each envelope mailing them on a Tuesday. By Friday they were still untrackable and undelivered. I was told I had to wait until Monday to make a claim. NO GUARANTEE! Not what the postal person told me. I was told 2 day delivery and by Friday at the latest guaranteed. I spent an hour and 45 minutes on phone trying to get it straightened out only to have them say they couldn't track it and some one would have to call me back. I had another package I was expecting from a city 2 hours away and they sent it to New York to South Carolina to Iowa to Kentucky to Cincinatti Ohio to Columbus Ohio to Toledo Ohio to Athens Ohio. It took 2 weeks to get it. I ordered another similar item from California and had it in 2 days Amazon. The Post Office is all screwed up and charging too much. I get mail back all the time as undeliverable due to lazy workers. I know the address is good when it's family.

    Mar 26, 2021
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