• anon

    I paid $7.95 for a Priority Envelope to be sent to Harrisburg, PA from Hatfield PA. at 2:15 PM on 3/10/21. Instead of being delivered in 2 days it took 8 days to be delivered. Here is the tracking- March 10,2021 - Hatfield PA March 11 Philadelphia PA March 12 Providence RI March 13 Springfield MA March 13 Lancaster PA March 14 Columbia SC March 16 Hyattsville MD March 17 Harrisburg PA March 18 Delivered at 2:18 AM in Harrisburg This routing is outrageous - How does this happen? I paid $7.95 for service that I did not get. I would have been better to send my documents by first class mail. When I ask for compensation for the poor service I was told that no refund could be given. Mr Dejoy has created a mess of the USPS!

    Mar 25, 2021
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