• anon

    I feel that most mail carriers, postmasters & USPS employees are doing an awesome job, especially when considering what they've had to deal lately. There's no denying they were having a rough couple of years before covid-19 with lots of changes & a huge financial loss year after year. But then, to get hit out of the blue with Covid-19, delivering mail through riots & heavy protesting & an election year like none other we've ever had. Being the keeper of many American votes & getting them safely delivered to the right place at the right time was a huge responsibility. And think about you guys, what would we do without the USPS? I for one would like to my mailman & postmaster in Montevallo Alabama from the bottom of my heart. Maybe everybody should show a little more appreciation to their local USPS employees, tell them thank you, that you appreciate them & offer them a little more encouragement. It gets discouraging to hear nothing but complaints and brights all the time even if there's a gentleman... you can find something somebody doing right I'm sure . Just coming into work, bringing your mail and put it in your box is something to be grateful for these days. We all get a little pep in our step when we get compliments and "Attaboys". I think they deserve a real big one right now. Thanks Mr. Ken and John!

    Mar 22, 2021
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