• anon

    I guess you haven't REALLY taken notice of the overshot IRRESPONSIBILITY that alot of these local post masters THINK they have in smaller communities. Its one thing to give them the power to do what necessary but when a pm uses that power to bully local folks who have FILED complaints. I myself have filed 3. 7 months in this and i usually dont receive my ordered packages. They are being withheld on purpose AND im not being notified by either informed delivery or by those idiotic orange slips left in mailboxes that i was keep a book of. IF i do get to receive a package, 9/10 its usually opened, repackaged and/ or HEAVILY DAMAGED. Ive lost my opportunity to start up my online business due to said post master and now my mail and packages are being messed with. . YOUR ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A DOUBT, IGNORANT system that is set up or in place, is a joke! One sided, YOUR SIDE. And yet said workers have the power in their possession to misdirect, lose, damage, steal, displace delivery items. Dont believe me, then you REALLY need to investigate 24087 area and that thing you claim as a " post master". I solely believe usps did hire her off the street somewhere. She acts as if her " elevator doesnt go all the way up "

    Mar 16, 2021
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