• anon

    I ordered something from CA which was shipped out immediately and arrived in Detroit, MI. Normally my package is then sent directly to where I'm at in the thumb. Instead it has been to Lansing, Grand Rapids, Saginaw and is now back in Lansing for some reason. I've checked the address multiple times. I also have informed delivery and it was said my package would be here Monday August 2nd. Never got a package or confirmation that it was delivered. I checked informed delivery and saw that my package for some reason was sent to Lansing. This is absolutely ridiculous and inexcusable. The package is first class and should have arrived 1-3 days after shipping. I have never had issues with USPS before now. I will be contacting the original shipper and advise them not to use USPS. Please look into why this is happening because a lot of people rely on USPS to receive their mail and stop sending us junk.

    Aug 06, 2021
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