Pluggin’ in with Electric Postal Vehicles

You’ve probably heard in the news the Postal Service has signed a contract to replace its aging delivery fleet. The Postal Service has said at least 10 percent of its new fleet will be electric, with the exact proportion not yet being decided. So, you may be wondering — what benefits and challenges do electric vehicles bring?


Keeping the Trucks Rolling

According to a recent estimate from the American Trucking Associations, there was a shortage of 80,000 truck drivers in 2021. The pandemic worsened an already existing shortage, impacting a number of industries, from retail to manufacturing . . . to mail.

Truck drivers are an essential part of the Postal Service’s transportation network. The Postal Service relies on over 9,000 USPS-employed drivers and thousands of contractors to move millions of mailpieces each day across the nation’s highways, between processing facilities, as well as to and from post offices.


What Will the OIG Audit Next?

Here at “Pushing the Envelope,” we like to keep our readers informed about the OIG’s work, often by highlighting a recent audit report. And anyone who’s spent more than a few minutes on this website knows there are lots of reports posted here. In short, we’ve done a lot.