The Raspeburg Station is in the Maryland District of the Atlantic Area. Every Postal Service-owned vehicle is assigned a Voyager Fleet card (Voyager card) to pay for its commercially purchased fuel, oil, and routine maintenance. U.S. Bank operates the program and Voyager provides a weekly electronic transaction detail file of all Voyager card transactions to the Postal Service’s Fuel Asset Management System (FAMS) eFleet application. Site managers monitor Voyager card transactions in the FAMS eFleet application. FAMS provides a monthly Reconciliation Exception Report, capturing transactions categorized as “high risk,” which may result from fraudulent activity. Each month the Postal Service site manager4 ensures that their driver receipts are reconciled in FAMS. The review is critical since the Postal Service automatically pays U.S. Bank weekly for all Voyager card charges.

Employees must use their unique personal identification number (PIN) in conjunction with the Voyager card. Site managers are responsible for electronically managing PINs, including creating, modifying, and terminating them in the Fleet Commander Online (FCO) system.5 They must also complete semiannual driver certifications to ensure the accuracy and completeness of employee PIN information.

OIG data analytics identified offices with potentially fraudulent Voyager card activity. The Raspeburg, MD, Station had 1,110 Voyager card transactions from October 1, 2020, through March 31, 2021, totaling $68,194. This includes 374 (34 percent) transactions totaling $29,958 that FAMS flagged as high risk.

The objective of this audit was to determine whether Voyager card PINs were properly managed and Voyager card transactions were properly reconciled at the Raspeburg Station.

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