The Merrifield, VA, Post Office is in the Virginia District of the Atlantic Area. Business Reply Mail (BRM) is a service provided by the Postal Service that enables a sender to provide a recipient with a convenient, prepaid method for replying to a mailing. Permit holders request refunds when postage has been applied to the prepaid mailing. To obtain a refund, permit holders must submit postage affixed BRM, and the required Postal Service (PS) Form 3533, Application for Refund of Fees, Products and Withdrawal of Customer Accounts. The Postal Service assesses fees to process the refunds and deducts them from the customer’s refund amount.

OIG data analytics identified Merrifield, VA, Post Office permit postage refunds totaling about $179,613 for fiscal year (FY) 2020. In addition, we identified some months with unusually high refunds. The objective of this audit was to determine whether postage affixed BRM refunds were properly issued, supported, and processed at the Merrifield, VA, Post Office.

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  • anon

    I have been trying to get in contact with someone for nearly three weeks now about my mail woman delivering me an empty package that I ordered last month. This is an outrageous amount of time that not one person has contacted me. I have filed a police report and they haven't even heard back from the post office yet and it's three weeks later! How do you st a policy and procedures in place but cannot follow your own policy

    May 17, 2021
  • anon

    When a package is not delivered, refund should be automatic. USPS has been awful. Honestly, I don't even bother talking to the Post Office because they will hassle you about asking for money back. I just call my credit card company and they will refund automatically. USPS needs to work harder to fulfill promises of tracked mail especially priority and priority express.

    Apr 15, 2021