The LAX Airport Finance Station is located in the Los Angeles District of the Pacific Area. OIG data analytics identified LAX Airport Finance Station had high amounts of refunds recorded to account identifier code (AIC) 509, Voided Postage Validation Imprinter Labels. The LAX Airport Finance Station had a total of $21,586 voided PVI label refunds for fiscal year (FY) 2019, Quarter (Q) 3, an increase from the amounts in FY 2019, Qs 1 and 2 of $5,998 and $5,428, respectively. For the same period, FY 2018, there was an increase of $15,647 or 263 percent in FY 2019. Further, LAX Airport Finance Station had 5.7 percent of the district total of AIC 509 refunds for FY 2019, Q 3, and an April total of $13,721, the highest month total for any unit in FY 2019. Further, as of August 31, 2019, LAX Airport Finance Station had the highest amount of AIC 509 refunds for the Los Angeles District.

Nonsaleable inventory includes obsolete stock that is removed from sale, defective stock including any partial packages of stamps, stamped envelopes or postal cards, and damaged stock. The stamp stock custodian must check the Postal Bulletin to know when to withdraw specific stamps and stamped paper items from sale and to return obsolete items to Stamp Fulfillment Services based on the unit’s scheduled return cycle. The objective of this audit was to determine if nonsaleable stamp stock is properly accounted for and managed and whether voided PVI labels were properly supported and processed.

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