While conducting an audit, we found the Postal Service allowed IT applications to operate in the production environment with substantial vulnerabilities. Although the issues identified were not directly related to the scope of the audit, they are security weaknesses that warrant management’s attention and corrective action.

Our objective is to inform the Postal Service of significant vulnerabilities associated with applications developed and maintained under this contract that did not complete the Certification and Accreditation (C&A) process.

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  • anon

    Thank you for following up with our USPS. I read your report on this issue and I'm thankful to read how our USPS service is safely intact. Thank you Mr. Crabb for taking good care in clearing up any misunderstandings regarding the integrity of our USPS. May God bless you and the entire USPS with excellent men and women who are taking good care of our postal mail services. Long live the integrity and establishments in our nation with excellent Postal service, Americans respect & appreciate in our naton. Have a wonderful day and I pray for the continued success in protecting the integrity of America's top mail service. Thank you, Ms. Denise D. Aquino A Concerned American Citizen

    Aug 01, 2020
  • anon

    I never thought people could be so inconsidetate.

    Jul 31, 2020
  • anon

    I am done with it right now can I get the job right now

    Jul 31, 2020