During the audit of Negotiated Service Agreement – Contract [redacted], we identified an issue related to the transmission of Negotiated Service Agreement (NSA) pricing rate tables. Specifically, the Postal Service electronically transmitted confidential contract pricing rates to PC Postage vendors in unencrypted emails.

NSAs are contractual agreements between the Postal Service and commercial mailers, whereby mailers receive customized pricing discounts in exchange for meeting volume and mail preparation requirements. NSAs specify customized pricing and may include a quarterly revaluation of shipping rates, based on volume tiers and commitments. If a mailer uses a PC postage provider to print their postage, then initial pricing rate tables and any quarterly or annual price changes are sent to the mailer and the PC Postage provider via email.

Postal Service policy requires sensitive information, including customized pricing and other proprietary information to be sent in an encrypted format. The Postal Service must [redacted] to send an encrypted email. This will trigger Postal Service systems to flag the email as sensitive and encrypt it. If the [redacted] Postal Service systems will not flag the email as sensitive and will not encrypt it. We reviewed unencrypted emails sent from email address extensions to vendors with attachments containing contract pricing rate tables for the period June 1, 2020 through January 21, 2021. Because this issue poses security weaknesses across all contracts, the scope of our review included, but was not limited to, the vendor involved in NSA – Contract [redacted].

We identified this issue while conducting our performance audit in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards.

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Comments (2)

  • anon

    Don't know if I am in the right place, but I want to report disgusting hidden fees made by STAMPS.COM. I work hard to sell my products and they charge me almost double with hidden fees. If I purchase $25 of stamps, other hidden charges of $19.21 are taken from my account. Sales tax is $1.13 per month - OK, but the balance is fraud surely. They have taken $161.00 from me without my consent, I have written asking for a refund, made a comment on BBB and now writing to you, their practices are just NASTY. A statement on a Google search says: " is cheaper than USPS" LIES ALL lies. Did you know on their website they make this statement: U.S. Postal Service Approval is approved by the USPS® to allow customers to buy and print postage online. The company is a participant in the USPS’s Information Based Indicia Program (IBIP), an initiative spearheaded by the Postal Technology Management group at the Postal Service. The USPS acts a regulator of financial and security protocols established by and engages in extensive testing of’s software and systems to ensure compliance. successfully completed a required 10-step approval process with the USPS for the company’s original online postage solution, Internet Postage. This rigorous 10-step process took over 2 years to complete and ensured that meets the most stringent security and financial requirements of the government. Disgusting to have USPS being in cohorts with The company name that takes out the hidden fees is called ENDICIA .... very, very similar to the USPS ... IBIP ... where the word INDICIA is mention - odd don't you think.

    May 30, 2021
  • anon

    I think it's sad there's no where to leave a COMPLIMENT and say GOOD JOB with the international mail turnaround (inbound to the US)! I've tried - I even wrote the White House but I wanted to say THANK YOU to Mr DeJoy because as a long time shipper from Africa to America (since 2000) I have a long historical context with what's going on with the mail. The problems didn't just start with COVID; nor did it start in June, 2020 when he was appointed. The news media is doing the American people a disservice along with making USPS whistle blowers who have TRIED to tell people about the problems with Amazon, mail theft, drug dealing and other things over the years. The media doesn't talk about that tho... Anyway, I'm glad he's there with his trucks and logistics know how - the mail is MOVING and YES you have to stop accepting mail, clean up the backlog and THEN take new mail; that's just plain common sense. I got hurt by that but it had to be done. Again, THANK YOU. You have a fan in Africa! Keep doing what your doing sir! Sincerely Sineta George

    May 09, 2021