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  • anon

    I work for USPS at the Seattle P&DC. I think something is wrong with our home delivery. For the last two days we've received nothing; not even junk mail. Neither has our neighbors. Calls to our Georgetown post office gets us nothing. Delivery to our home has been late - like after 8:00 pm if made at all, which doesn't seem right. Can you please check this out and find out what the game plan might be?

    Jan 19, 2017
  • anon

    I am a true patriot of this country but enough is enough; if any business operated their business with such lazy, under preforming personnel, and the lack of management; this businesses would no longer exist. Today, during the Christmas rush, I seen Postal employees working like its slow motion. I waited over 40 minutes to send a certified letter and the Postal Location I went to 5855 Lake Otis Parkway Anchorage Alaska. Why do these employees get to keep their jobs when the performance is so poorly? Where is the management personnel and why are they not involved, especially during the holiday season? I use this Postal Office on a regular basis and the attitude given from these employees is very poor. If this is how are work force is for the Postal Service, please put it out to Private companies and get these people off the welfare system. The privatization of the Postal System or even pasts of the Postal system would greatly improve the service and reduce the operating cost. With poor performance both employee and management, just feeds for poor results

    Nov 30, 2015