The Vista Station is in the Nevada-Sierra District of the Western Area. The delivery unit has a total of 52 routes (42 city and 10 rural). The 42 city routes are delivered by 54 carriers (44 full-time and 10 city carrier assistants [CCA]). The 10 rural routes are delivered by 17 carriers (nine full-time and eight rural carrier associates [RCA]). The Vista Station also has 11 clerks who perform retail and customer service functions.

We selected the Vista Station based on our analysis of city carriers returning after 6:00 p.m. using data from the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). Our objective was to assess mail delivery service.

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  • anon

    I cant understand why mail is sent from Reno, Nv to Sparks, Nv on the 10th of July; redirected to Ipswitch, SD. Then finally arriving in Sparks on July 25th. 15 days to go 6 miles. I mailed a letter to Caughlin Prky in Reno from the Vassar Street post office in Reno and it took over 2 weeks to get to the recipient. Same city. Makes no sense. I could have walked the 5 miles much, much quicker. Its silly. And to clarify, the letter I received yesterday had nothing wrong with the address but it has been opened and re-glued.

    Jul 26, 2020
  • anon

    Why doesn't anyone answer the phone at this post office? I got an email stating that my package was placed in the locker; however, there wasn't a key in my mailbox. The mail person made the mistake, but because no one will answer the phone, I have to drive to the post office for assistance. I shouldn't have to be inconvenienced for a mistake on your part.

    Jul 10, 2020
  • anon

    Your sparks Nevada office is rude and your post men are lazy holding my important mail because they dont want to walk out of there truck I can wait to see them and give them a pice of my mind.

    May 07, 2020
  • anon

    Mail delivery is terrible. Mailman comes after dark, as late as 8:00 PM. Mail is stuffed into box, not inserted neatly or orderly. Being so dark outside, mailman probably can't see what he or she is doing. What ever happened to mail delivery during day lite hours? So many dangers that mail recipient faces getting mail after dark: Being hit by car when crossing street to get mail, falling on icy street due to lack of day lite, mail being stolen because folks do not go out in dark late in evening, etc. Our tax dollars are supporting this???

    Jan 22, 2020
  • anon

    Trust me, we do NOT want to work in the dark. We would rather only work 8 hrs per day as well. We’re working 12+ hours per day with barely time to pee if we have to. There aren’t enough of us carriers for the amount of parcels being ordered by our customers. We’re delivering over 200 packages each per day and can barely fit them into our vehicles anymore. It takes a lot more time to deliver packages than it does mail, and we almost have more packages nowadays than mail! Most of the new people do not stick around after being mandated to work 12 or more hours per day 7 days on and 1 day off. If you have a family or even want any kind of life, for example walking your dog or seeing anyone or even going to church, forget it. You’re too exhausted because you get home in the dark everyday.AND now you work Sundays! Very few people can keep this schedule. We cannot curtail ANYTHING until the next day. Nothing is left in the office for the next day. So who’s going to do all of it? Us! Our own route plus anyone else’s that’s sick, or has a sick kid/ parent or a day off or a vacation day or an appointment or whatever. So if it takes you until 530 or 6 pm to do your own route ( which by the way until the parcels increased by more than 30%) most of us could get our routes done by 430pm. Now time yourself walking up a driveway and back with a 50lb bag of dog food or a bed frame 200x and see how long it takes you? And don’t trip. Get everything right every time ( because we all know that if it happens once, it happens ALL the time) and do me a favor and look up when the last time your taxes went to the Postal Service! Since 1970 the postal service has not received any of yours or anyone else’s tax dollars. Look it up. Before you speak. I find it amazing how many of you have so many complaints including the one above you about us being lazy. I’ll bet neither of you would last a month. You’re clueless about what we do and how flipping hard we work, the long hours are definitely NOT by choice. Unless you can offer some sort of solutions and know what is truly going on inside these offices, you should try to be nice. You have no idea. Last week I worked 102 hours and I’ve been a Usps employee for 28 years. I’ve seen a lot in that time and people only see themselves, their mail, their packages, what time it is at their house. You have no idea that we actually showed up to work at 745 am and now it’s 9pm, we’ve delivered 322 packages to 753 people before you and we’re still not done....Thanks for your understanding. Dinner??? Haha what’s that? Your leftover lunch smashed up! A bathroom? Haha good luck. Cold or hot anything? Na your lunchbox has had it by then. Family? Their on their own. YOU are more important.

    May 19, 2020
  • anon

    My military national mail order contractor is Express-Scripts. In a sincere effort to deliver medications expeditiously, Express-Scripts flies medications from their Missouri source by DHL to the Ft Worth TX hub at Alliance Airport, a one hour flight. The medications arrive easily within 12 hours to the Grand Prairie USPS pick up point. The USPS is immediately notified the medications are ready for pick up. The medications routinely lay waiting for 3 days before they are picked up by USPS. They are then processed through the Ft Worth TX distribution center which routinely takes 2 days. They are then trucked to the Waco TX center for further processing. They are then trucked to the Thornton TX Post Office where they routinely lay for 2 days before delivery to my mailbox. The foregoing process completely destroys the efforts of Express-Scripts to execute Epedited Delivery as intended. When I inquire of the USPS of this ridiculous slowdown, I am told that by contract they are allowed 10 days to deliver mail from the Grand Prairie TX pickup point. I have supporting emails detailing the track of these medications. How can the USPS legally destroy any effort by Express-Scripts to deliver vital medications expeditiously. The cost to the government for overnight flight of medications is staggering, but well worth it if the USPS would follow suit in the spirit of expedited delivery. This sluggardly response by the USPS is nothing short of criminal!

    Dec 15, 2019
  • anon

    Business flows more efficiently when contracts are honored in a timely fashion! Other than some form of natural disaster mailings or packages should reach their destination according to the contracted insured agreement. In addition normal mail delivery shall not be deemed any less importance due to employees returning later than 6 pm with the mail that needs to be sorted to be delivered. Time management with problem solving skills are required with local route deliveries which consists of the abilities to create ways for faster pick ups or deliveries of postal content. Is it possible to enforce 2 return times to the post office within a days work ? Is it possible that the carrier mail pick up delivery employee needs to fit a healthy criteria where where the physical ability requirements require the abilities for constant movements at a faster consistent pace? Most importantly is there a GAPS monitoring system on the delivery trucks? Is there any question in regards to the employees professionalism on the job where personal interference or laziness is the cause of the late return at 6pm or later at the postal office with the mail that needs to be sorted for delivery causing the deliveries to be delayed , late, affecting business for customers as well as the postal office? Are there any incentives for timely pick ups and deliveries? Are there any write ups or penalties for the employees returning after 6 pm ? The Postal office pays their employees a competitive wage to ensure accurate timing for regular pick ups/deliveries. Clients expect their contracts to be honored according to the scheduled or normal expected time of deliveries. If there are any liabilities caused to any company due to late deliveries the penalties should be covered by insurance covering the client or customers loss for late business. Penalties could be a fine of postal workers if found to be unethical on the job rather lazy or for personal reasons. A complete refund should be given to any customer or client for an contract that failed to deliver according to the contract or agreement .

    Dec 09, 2019
  • anon

    What is this concerning because I have no idea

    Dec 07, 2019
  • anon

    Why is my mail coming at night its gotten later and later. The poor mailman can't even see at night its so dark in the country not safe at all. Not safe for them or us. What ever happened to getting mail during the day. What is wrong with you people?

    Dec 06, 2019