This report presents a summary of the results of our self-initiated audits assessing mail delivery, customer service, and property conditions at four select delivery units in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM Region (Project Number 22-132). These delivery units were the Rio Rancho Branch and Richard J. Pino Station in Albuquerque, NM; and the Santa Fe Main Post Office (MPO) and Coronado Station in Santa Fe, NM. We judgmentally selected these delivery units based on the number of customer inquiries per route the unit received and Stop-the- Clock (STC) scans occurring at the delivery unit. We previously issued interim reports to district management for each of these units regarding the conditions we identified. In addition, we issued a report on the efficiency of operations at the Albuquerque Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC), which services these four delivery units.

All four delivery units are in the Arizona-New Mexico District of the WestPac Area and have a combined total of 75 city routes and 153 rural routes. Staffing at the delivery units during our audit included 87 full-time city carriers, 34 city carrier assistants, 137 full-time rural carriers, 94 rural replacement carriers, 11 assistant rural carrier, 44 full-time clerks, one full-time mail handler, and 19 postal support employees (see Table 1).

The delivery units service about 332,667 people in several ZIP Codes, which are all considered to be urban communities (see Table 2).

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