The Huntridge Station is in the Nevada-Sierra District of the Western Area. OIG data analytics identified Huntridge Station had high amounts of refunds recorded to Account Identifier Code (AIC) 538, Local Transportation, which were paid by cash or money order. The Huntridge Station had a total of $7,619 local travel reimbursements for fiscal year (FY) 2019, Quarter (Q)1 through Q3. The following shows the comparisons to FY 2018:

  • FY 2019, Q1 had an increase of $2,383 or 5,294 percent compared to FY 2018, Q1.
  • FY 2019, Q2 had an increase of $3,501 or 4,925 percent compared to FY 2018, Q2.
  • FY 2019, Q3 had an increase of $1,015 or 168 percent compared to FY 2018, Q3.

In addition, the amount of these payments for FY 2019, Q1 through Q3, was the highest in the Nevada-Sierra District, or was 75 percent of the district total of $10,104. It is unusual for one office to have such a high percentage of local travel reimbursements compared to other offices in the same district.


The objective of this audit was to determine whether local travel reimbursements at the Huntridge Station were appropriate and properly supported.

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