This report presents the results of our self-initiated audit of Local Purchases and Payments: Miscellaneous Services - Houston, TX, Roy Royall Station. The Roy Royall Station is located in the Houston District of the Southern Area. This audit was designed to provide Postal Service management with timely information on potential financial control risks at Postal Service locations.

The Postal Service prefers to use eBuy2 to pay for goods and services. If a purchase cannot be satisfied through eBuy2, authorized postal employees may use the purchase card. Cash can be used for emergency one-time expenses, not to exceed $25, and no-fee money orders (money orders) can be used for emergency one-time local expenses, not to exceed $1,000.

The objective was to determine whether local purchases and payments made at the Houston, TX, Roy Royall Station were valid, properly supported and processed. To accomplish the objective, we interviewed unit personnel and Postal Service management. We also analyzed purchase and payment data and examined money order receipts and other payment supporting documentation for miscellaneous expense transactions that occurred from January 1 through March 31, 2019.

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