This report presents the results of our self-initiated audit of Delivery Scanning Issues - South Station, Newark, NJ. The objective of this audit was to evaluate the delivery scanning process on select routes at the South Station.

The South Station is in the Northern New Jersey District of the Northeast Area. The South Station has 19 delivery routes with 28 city carriers (23 Full Time Regular carriers and five city carrier assistants) and five clerks. We selected the South Station based on our analysis of stop-the-clock (STC) scan data from the Product Tracking and Reporting (PTR) system.

Specifically, we used geolocation data to identify packages with STC scans that occurred at the delivery unit property instead of the intended delivery address. The unit had 12,435 STC scans that occurred at the delivery unit between January and March 2019. The scans occurred on multiple routes and were intended for multiple delivery addresses throughout the timeframe.

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