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  • anon

    We had very good luck for 2 1/2 months (c. Jan, Feb, Mar-2017) There was only one mistake when the mail was shipped to Boston instead of California. That mis-forwarded mail appeared in several days--just late. Other than that, it all went well. The price seems high but acceptable. To control expenses and efficiency, we would prefer the option of mail forwarding every other week. But, if various individuals had different mailing date preferences, it could be more difficult for postal workers to organize whose mail is forwarded on which date/week---without committing errors. Probably, few errors would appear if dates for everyone were the same.

    Dec 27, 2017
  • anon

    I have purchased premium forwarding from my local post office and it is a disaster. 2 weeks have been lost completely, and the answer from the post office, was, " your carrier was on vacation". Then last week my friend went to my home, and there again were 45 pieces of new mail in my mailbox! When I called, the answer I got this time was. " oh it was a different carrier" Help Please!!!!! Local post office is on Cherokee and Sunset in Hollywood. My address is 8938 Wonderland Park Ave. LA CA 90046 Thank You very much!

    Apr 07, 2017
  • anon

    I ordered Premium Mail Forwarding service from my home in Berkeley CA 94708 to a temporary address in New York. I have tried telephoning the local post office endlessly and filed two written complaints, but the mail has not arrived in over a month and the complaints have not been answered. I would like to get my mail and I would like to have the weekly bills for the four weeks it has not been delivered removed from my credit card. I have used this service in the past and gotten several misdelivered items, but this is the first time there has been no delivery at all. It is inexcusable that contacting the Post Office is this difficult.

    Oct 20, 2015