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  • anon

    Since it's a federal crime to sell postal uniforms, why isn't the OIG following up on all the sales happening on EBay? I'm a retired Letter Carrier and I donated all my uniforms to my station and Union at retirement. When an acquaintance heard me say that, he said 'Oh my, you could have sold those on EBay...the ones with the older logos really fetch a good price'. I was astounded so I checked EBay and sure enough, there are a ton being sold and who knows who's buying them and for what purpose! How are we to protect our customers when this is happening? (Even though I'm retired, I say 'we/our' because I still care so much about our image and customers!) Please follow up on this...EBay customers (and EBay) need the OIG to stop this! I'd appreciate a follow-up email from your office, please! Thank you!

    Apr 24, 2017