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Sure Money Electronic Funds Transfer Service Expansion to Dominican Republic

Audit Report - FR-LA-00-001 - 11/23/1999

Point of Service ONE - Vendor Solution

Audit Report - DA-LA-00-001 - 11/04/1999

United States Postal Service Suspension and Debarment Process

Audit Report - FA-AR-00-001 - 10/22/1999

October 1999 Testimony (R)

Audit Report - CL-TR-00-001 (R) - 10/21/1999

Responsibilities of Contracting Officer's Representatives

Audit Report - CA-AR-99-003 - 09/30/1999

USPS Ethics Program - Conflicts of Interest

Audit Report - EX-LA-99-001 - 09/30/1999

Actions Against Postmasters Atlanta Dis

Audit Report - LR-AR-99-012 - 09/30/1999

Review of the Revamped Sales and Services Associate Training Program

Audit Report - RG-MA-99-006 - 09/30/1999

Review of Initiatives to Improve the National Accounts Management Program

Audit Report - RG-MA-99-008 - 09/30/1999

Opportunities to Increase Savings Through the Use of Natural Gas Vehicles

Audit Report - CA-AR-99-001 - 09/30/1999