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12/30/2010 FY 2010 Financial Statements Audit - Eagan Information Technology and Accounting Service Center Audit Reports FT-AR-11-005
12/23/2010 FY 2010 Financial Installation Audits - Post Offices, Stations and Branches Audit Reports FF-AR-11-005
12/23/2010 Workers' Compensation Liability Estimate Audit Reports FT-MA-11-002
12/23/2010 Workshare Discounts Exceeding Avoided Costs Audit Reports MS-AR-11-001
12/15/2010 Express Mail Guarantees Audit Reports FF-AR-11-004
12/14/2010 Houston, TX Processing and Distribution Center Mail Consolidation Audit Reports NO-AR-11-004
12/13/2010 San Francisco District Risk-Based Post Office Audit Reports FF-AR-11-003
12/07/2010 Periodicals Mail Costs Audit Reports CRR-AR-11-001
12/06/2010 Postal Service Officers' Travel and Representation Expenses for FY 2010 Audit Reports FT-AR-11-003
12/06/2010 FY 2010 Postal Service Financial Statements Audit - Washington, DC, Headquarters Audit Reports FT-AR-11-002
12/06/2010 Surface Mail Classes on Air Transportation Networks Audit Reports NL-MA-11-001
12/06/2010 Postal Service Board of Governors Travel and Miscellaneous Expenses for FY 2010 Audit Reports FT-AR-11-004
11/23/2010 Marysville, CA Processing and Distribution Facility Consolidation Audit Reports NO-AR-11-002 Facilities
11/23/2010 Substantial Savings Available by Prefunding Pensions and Retirees- Health Care at Benchmarked Levels Audit Reports FT-MA-11-001 Human Resources
11/23/2010 Information Technology Contract Payment Oversight Audit Reports CA-AR-11-001 Contracting


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