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08/13/2020 Plant Load Agreements – Santa Ana District Audit Reports 19-041-R20 Retail, Sales & Marketing
08/13/2020 Financial Controls Policy for Retail Units Audit Reports 20-264-R20 Finance
08/12/2020 Delivery Vehicle Acquisition Strategy Audit Reports 19-002-R20 Delivery / Mail Processing
08/11/2020 Security Assessment of a U.S. Postal Service Information Technology Application Audit Reports 19-018-R20 Technology
08/07/2020 Follow-Up: Using No-Fee Money Orders for Invoices Greater Than $1,000 Audit Reports 20-117-R20 Finance
08/06/2020 Workers’ Compensation Program Cost Containment Activities Audit Reports 19-031-R20 Human Resources
08/05/2020 Sustainability and the Postal Service: Creating a Greener Future Through Product Innovation White Papers RISC-WP-20-005 Strategy & Investments
08/03/2020 Cost Reduction Initiatives for Mail Products Audit Reports 20-088-R20 Cost & Pricing
07/29/2020 Stamp and Cash Inventories − Chicago, IL Offices Audit Reports 20-256-R20 Cost & Pricing
07/29/2020 Small Package Sorting System Performance Audit Reports 20-052-R20 Technology
07/29/2020 Cybersecurity Incident Detection and Response Capability Audit Reports 19-012-R20 Technology
07/27/2020 Management Alert – Risks Associated with Information Technology Applications Audit Reports 20-251-R20 Technology
07/24/2020 Informed Delivery Sign-Up Communication and Implementation Audit Reports 20-237-R20 Retail, Sales & Marketing
07/24/2020 Indivior Solutions Pleads Guilty to Felony Charge as Part of DOJ’s Largest Opioid Resolution News Releases
07/20/2020 Fiscal Year 2019 Delivery and Retail Response Team Follow-Up Analysis Audit Reports 20-112-R20 Delivery / Mail Processing


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