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Postal Employee Sentenced for Seven Year Disability Scam

Press Releases - 03/30/2015

Former Post Office Manager Sentenced in Bribe Scheme

Press Releases - 03/24/2015

Postal Employee Convicted of Seven-Year Disability Scam

Press Releases - 11/10/2014

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Federal Workers' Compensation Benefits Fraud Charges Against 11 Federal Employees

Press Releases - 05/06/2014

Tigard Man Admits to Theft of U.S. Mail

Press Releases - 12/11/2013

Postal Customer Sentenced for Embezzling $33,072.68 from the United States Postal Service

Press Releases - 12/03/2013

Lewiston Woman Sentenced for Misappropriating Postal Funds

Press Releases - 11/05/2013

USPS OIG Shutdown Plan to OMB

Press Releases - 09/27/2013

Arrest and Indictment of Ten Current and Former U.S. Postal Service Employees and Two Doctors for Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Press Releases - 09/05/2013

Former Postal Supervisor Sentenced to 16 Months in Prison for Lying on a Federal Worker’s Compensation Document

Press Releases - 09/04/2013


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