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05/15/2017 Consolidation of Mail for Dallas and New Jersey Network Distribution Centers Audit Reports NL-AR-17-007 Transportation / Vehicles
05/11/2017 High Throughput Package Sorter at the Denver, CO, Processing and Distribution Center Audit Reports NO-AR-17-009 Delivery / Mail Processing
05/10/2017 Facility Condition Reviews – Eastern Area Audit Reports SM-AR-17-004 Facilities
05/09/2017 Mail Collection Box Management Process - Capital Metro Area Audit Reports DR-AR-17-005 Delivery / Mail Processing
05/09/2017 Shortpaid PC Postage Parcels Audit Reports MS-AR-17-007 Retail, Sales & Marketing
05/08/2017 Internal Controls Over Money Orders - Kendall Green Station Contract Postal Unit, Washington, D.C. Audit Reports FT-FM-17-018 Finance
05/08/2017 Social Media Customer Inquiries Audit Reports MS-AR-17-006 Retail, Sales & Marketing
05/04/2017 No-Fee Money Order Refunds for Business Reply Mail – Washington, D.C., Main Office Window Audit Reports FT-FM-17-017 Finance
05/04/2017 Postal Inspection Service Consumer Fraud Fund Audit Reports HR-AR-17-006 Human Resources
05/03/2017 Pacific Area P&DC Physical and Environmental Security Controls Audit Reports IT-AR-17-005 Security
05/02/2017 Highway Contract Route Fuel Price Index Program – Eastern Transportation Category Management Team Audit Reports NL-AR-17-005 Transportation / Vehicles
05/02/2017 Update for Measuring Pension and Retiree Health Benefits Liabilities Audit Reports FT-AR-17-007 Finance
05/01/2017 Mail Profitability in International Posts White Papers RARC-WP-17-008 Finance
05/01/2017 Undeliverable Bulk Business Mail at the Margaret L. Sellers Processing and Distribution Center Audit Reports NO-AR-17-008 Delivery / Mail Processing
04/28/2017 Facility Condition Reviews – Southern Area Audit Reports SM-AR-17-003 Facilities


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