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08/21/2012 Carrier Optimal Routing System Phase II Audit Reports DR-AR-12-005 Technology
08/17/2012 Efficiency of Customer Service Operations Audit Reports EN-AR-12-003 Customer Service
08/16/2012 City Delivery - Street Efficiency Capital District Audit Reports DR-AR-12-003 Transportation / Vehicles
08/16/2012 City Delivery - Street Efficiency Louisiana District Audit Reports DR-AR-12-004 Facilities
08/16/2012 Closure of Contract Postal Units Audit Reports CI-MA-12-001 Contracting
08/14/2012 Delivery Fleet Strategies Audit Reports CI-AR-12-006 Strategy & Investments
08/14/2012 Global Positioning System for Highway Contract Routes Audit Reports NL-MA-12-001 Contracting
08/13/2012 Parallel Tracks? Lessons from the Railroad Industry White Papers RARC-WP-12-014 Finance
08/10/2012 New Jersey Network Distribution Center-International Air Mail Records Unit Audit Reports FT-AR-12-011 Facilities
08/09/2012 Contract Management Data - Transportation Contract Support System Audit Reports CA-AR-12-005 Contracting
08/08/2012 Benchmarking Sustainability Contracting Practices Audit Reports CA-MA-12-002 Contracting
08/06/2012 Unauthorized Contractual Commitments Audit Reports CA-AR-12-004
08/03/2012 Efficiency Review of the Los Angeles Network Distribution Center Audit Reports NO-AR-12-007 Facilities
07/26/2012 Do Not Pay List Audit Reports CA-AR-12-003 Finance
07/25/2012 Review of Fiscal Years 2012 and 2013 Liquidity Audit Reports FI-WP-12-001 Finance


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