Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
09/24/2013 Engineering Systems and Network Operations Disaster Recovery Plan Audit Reports IT-AR-13-007
09/25/2013 Availability of Critical Applications Audit Reports IT-AR-13-008
12/11/2013 Strengthening Advertising Mail by Building a Digital Information Market White Papers RARC-WP-14-002
01/13/2014 Enriching Postal Information: Applications for Tomorrow’s Technologies White Papers RARC-WP-14-006
02/27/2014 Management Alert – Watch Desk Notifications Audit Reports HR-MA-14-005
03/26/2014 Fiscal Year 2013 Information Technology Internal Controls Audit Reports IT-AR-14-003
06/02/2014 Web End-of-Run System Audit Reports MS-AR-14-004
06/11/2014 Topeka, KS, Material Distribution Center – Information Technology General Controls Audit Reports IT-AR-14-006
07/09/2014 Business Service Network Audit Reports MS-AR-14-005
07/11/2014 Topeka, KS, Material Distribution Center – Information Technology Logical Access Controls Audit Reports IT-AR-14-007
08/20/2014 Management Alert – Backup and Recovery of Essential Data Audit Reports IT-MA-14-001
11/19/2014 Parcel Payment Technologies and Payment Strategies White Papers FT-WP-15-001
03/02/2015 Utilization of Data by the Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President Audit Reports IT-AR-15-003
03/25/2015 Hardware Inventory Management-Greater Boston District Audit Reports IT-AR-15-004
03/30/2015 Management Alert – Retail Systems Software Application Requirements Audit Reports IT-MA-15-002
07/13/2015 Software Development Processes Audit Reports IT-AR-15-006
07/13/2015 Software Inventory Management – Greater Boston District Audit Reports IT-AR-15-007
07/14/2015 Management Alert – Management of Unauthorized Software Audit Reports IT-MA-15-003
09/04/2015 Retail Opportunities for the U.S. Postal Service White Papers MS-WP-15-004
09/18/2015 [Redacted] Software Contract and Compliance Review Audit Reports IT-AR-15-009


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