Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
05/01/2015 Management Advisory - Strategies for Reducing Undeliverable as Addressed Mail Audit Reports MS-MA-15-006
06/04/2015 Management Advisory Report - Supply Management’s Rapid Renegotiation Initiative Audit Reports SM-MA-15-001
08/04/2015 Election Mail Opportunities Audit Reports MS-AR-15-007
08/25/2015 Utilization of Data by the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President Audit Reports DR-AR-15-009
09/01/2015 Passive Adaptive Scanning System Functionality and Labor Savings Audit Reports MI-AR-15-007
11/16/2015 U.S. Postal Service's DRIVE 25 – Improve Customer Experience Audit Reports MI-AR-16-001
12/22/2015 Capital Projects Return on Investment Audit Reports MI-AR-16-002
12/23/2015 U.S. Postal Service's DRIVE 51 – Leverage Technology and Data to Drive Business Value Audit Reports MI-AR-16-003
03/21/2016 Funding the Universal Service Obligation White Papers RARC-WP-16-005
05/20/2016 Transportation Strategic Planning Audit Reports NL-AR-16-001
05/23/2016 Blockchain Technology: Possibilities for the U.S. Postal Service White Papers RARC-WP-16-011
07/13/2016 Delivering Results, Innovation, Value, and Efficiency 3 – Optimize Retail Platform Audit Reports CP-AR-16-008
11/10/2016 Governance of the U.S. Postal Service White Papers RARC-WP-17-002
02/15/2018 Fiscal Year 2017 Decision Analysis Report Summary Audit Reports MI-CAP-18-001
07/30/2018 Millennials and the Mail White Papers RARC-WP-18-011
12/14/2018 Controls Over the Release of Personnel Information Audit Reports SAT-AR-19-001
05/21/2019 Foreign Posts’ Retirement Asset Investments White Papers FT-WP-19-001
06/06/2019 Impact of Prescribed Opioids on USPS Employees Under the Federal Workers’ Compensation Program Audit Reports SAT-AR-19-002
08/26/2019 Rural and Urban Origins of the U.S. Postal Service White Papers RISC-WP-19-007
06/16/2020 U.S. Postal Service’s Processing Network Optimization and Service Impacts Audit Reports 19XG013NO000-R20


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