Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
09/29/1998 Year 2000 Initiative - Post Implementation Verification Audit Reports IS-AR-98-003
07/07/1999 Y2K Initiative: Review of Administration Audit Reports FR-MA-99-002
09/20/1999 Y2K Status on Postal Service Y2K Readiness Audit Reports IS-AR-99-002
09/20/1999 Review of the USPS Equipment Preventive Maintenance Program Audit Reports AC-MA-99-001
10/21/1999 October 1999 Testimony (R) Audit Reports CL-TR-00-001 (R)
12/07/1999 Year 2000 Business Continuity and Contingency Planning: Day One Strategy Audit Reports TR-AR-00-002
06/30/2000 Salt Lake City District 2002 Winter Olympic Plans Audit Reports FA-AR-00-002
08/25/2000 Review of Area Case Investigations Audit Reports OV-MA-00-003
09/30/2000 Fall 2000 Semiannual Reports to Congress
03/31/2001 Spring 2001 Semiannual Reports to Congress
04/02/2001 Statement Before the House Committee on Government Reform Congressional Testimonies
01/11/2002 Follow-up Audit of Salt Lake City District 2002 Winter Olympics Plan Audit Reports CA-AR-02-001
03/31/2002 Spring 2002 Semiannual Reports to Congress
04/24/2002 National Postal Forum Audit Reports EM-AR-02-011
04/30/2002 Postal Service's Transformation Plan Audit Reports CQ-OT-02-002
09/03/2002 Postal Service Corporate Succession Planning Process Audit Reports LH-AR-02-004
09/27/2002 Statement Before the Subcommittee on International Security, Proliferation and Federal Services of the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs Congressional Testimonies
09/30/2002 Fall 2002 Semiannual Reports to Congress
10/24/2002 PostalOne! Phase Two Audit Reports DA-AR-03-001
10/29/2002 Postal Service Transformation Plan Audit Reports OE-MA-03-001


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