Datesort ascending Document Title Type Report Number
03/23/2020 Mail Delivery and Customer Service Operations – Hawthorne Post Office, Hawthorne, CA Audit Reports 20-149-R20
03/06/2020 Accuracy of Surface Visibility Scans and Reporting Audit Reports 19-024-R20
03/03/2020 Mail Delivery and Customer Service Operations – Chatsworth Post Office, Chatsworth, CA Audit Reports 20-150-R20
02/19/2020 Management Alert – Nationwide Delivery Scanning Issues Audit Reports 20-102-R20
02/05/2020 Mail Delivery and Customer Service Operations – Allen Post Office, Allen, TX Audit Reports 20-107-R20
01/08/2020 Same-Day Delivery: Implications for the U.S. Postal Service White Papers RISC-WP-20-002
12/31/2019 Delivery and Customer Service Issues – Greenpoint and Williamsburg Stations, Brooklyn, NY Audit Reports 19-003-R20
12/19/2019 Mail Delivery Issues – Montbello Station, Denver, CO Audit Reports 20-078-R20
12/13/2019 Mail Excluded from Service Performance Measurement Audit Reports 19XG009NO000-R20
12/09/2019 Delivery Scanning Issues – La Vergne Post Office, La Vergne, TN Audit Reports 20-077-R20
12/04/2019 Mail Delivery Issues – Vista Station, Sparks, NV Audit Reports 19-043-R20
11/07/2019 U.S. Postal Service Transportation Network Operations and Cost Optimization Practices Audit Reports 19XG002NL000-R20
11/04/2019 Service Performance of Election and Political Mail During the 2018 Midterm and Special Elections Audit Reports 19XG010NO000-R20
10/25/2019 Mail Delivery Issues – Brightwood Station, Indianapolis, IN Audit Reports 19-020-R20
10/17/2019 Priority Mail Express Service Performance Costs in the Caribbean District Audit Reports 19BG006CP000-R20
09/27/2019 Delivery Scanning Issues – East Vancouver Carrier Unit, Vancouver, WA Audit Reports DRT-AR-19-023
09/27/2019 Postal Service Dynamic Route Optimization and Cost Savings Initiative Audit Reports NL-AR-19-004
09/27/2019 Postal Vehicle Service Zero Base Reviews Audit Reports NL-AR-19-005
09/20/2019 Delivery Scanning Issues – Stafford Post Office, Stafford, TX Audit Reports DRT-AR-19-022
09/19/2019 Mail Delivery Issues – Minuet Carrier Annex, Charlotte, NC Audit Reports DRT-AR-19-021


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