Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
07/23/2012 Stamp Manufacturing and Inventory Management Audit Reports MS-AR-12-006
09/17/2012 Postal Service Retail Facilities Optimization Options Audit Reports CI-MA-12-002
09/18/2012 Lease Purchase Options for Postal Service Facilities Audit Reports DA-AR-12-002
01/03/2013 Caller and Reserve Service Operations Audit Reports DP-AR-13-001
01/04/2013 Advertising Program Audit Reports MS-AR-13-002
01/30/2013 International Small Business Commerce Audit Reports MS-WP-13-001
02/07/2013 Controls to Detect Money Order Fraud Audit Reports DP-AR-13-002
03/18/2013 Residential Customer Service Experiences Audit Reports MS-AR-13-005
03/20/2013 Funnel Management Program Audit Reports MS-MA-13-001
06/19/2013 Political and Election Mail Sales Audit Reports MS-AR-13-008
06/20/2013 Small Business Growth Audit Reports MS-AR-13-009
11/08/2013 Stamp Stock Ordering and Fulfillment Audit Reports MS-AR-14-001
12/02/2013 Controls Over the Premium Forwarding Service – Point-of-Service Retail System Audit Reports IT-AR-14-002
12/09/2013 Relationship Between Business Connect and Post Office Performance Audit Reports MS-MA-14-001
01/22/2014 Self-Service Kiosks Audit Reports DR-AR-14-002
06/11/2014 Advertising and Consulting Supplier Selection Process Audit Reports SM-AR-14-006
09/08/2014 Revenue Plan and Sales Targets Audit Reports MS-AR-14-007
01/28/2015 The Value of the U.S. Postal Service Brand White Papers RARC-WP-15-005
01/29/2015 Window Retail Customer Service Audit Reports MS-AR-15-001
02/09/2015 Will the Check Be in the Mail? An Examination of Paper and Electronic Transactional Mail White Papers RARC-WP-15-006


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