Datesort ascending Document Title Type Report Number
05/12/2021 Issues Identified in International Package Operations – Chicago International Service Center Audit Reports 21-101-R21
09/23/2019 Management Alert – Issues Identified in the Outbound International Mail Market Audit Reports CP-MT-19-001
09/07/2017 Delayed Inbound International Mail Audit Reports MS-AR-17-009
07/18/2017 Prohibited Inbound International Mailings Audit Reports MS-AR-17-008
07/05/2016 International Paper Money Order Service Audit Reports FT-AR-16-007
04/13/2016 International Marketing Audit Reports MR-AR-16-003
01/28/2016 Management Alert - International Inbound Mail Verification Audit Reports MS-MT-16-001
12/14/2015 Terminal Dues in the Age of Ecommerce White Papers RARC-WP-16-003
09/14/2015 Issue Brief: Cross-Border E-Commerce: An International Roundtable Recap OIG Briefs RARC-IB-15-007
09/03/2015 Management Alert - U.S. Postal Service Handling of Inbound International Mail at the [Redacted] International Service Center in [Redacted] Audit Reports NO-MA-15-006
08/26/2015 Small Business Exports White Papers MS-WP-15-002
04/24/2014 Export Controls for Acceptance of International Packages by Non-Postal Establishments Audit Reports FT-MA-14-008
03/07/2014 International Terminal Dues White Papers MS-WP-14-002
02/25/2014 Inbound China ePacket Costing Methodology Audit Reports MS-AR-14-002
09/28/2012 International Transportation Payments Audit Reports CA-AR-12-007
05/18/2012 Competition in the International Outbound Mail Market Audit Reports EN-WP-12-001
12/19/2011 New York International Service Center - International Air Mail Records Unit Audit Reports FT-AR-12-006
11/23/2011 Inbound International Parcel Mail Audit Reports MS-AR-12-001
11/08/2011 Global Business Systems International Dispatch Audit Reports CRR-AR-12-001
10/31/2011 J.T. Weeker (Chicago) International Service Center - International Airmail Records Unit Audit Reports FT-AR-12-002


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