Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
05/02/2012 Employee Retirement Options Audit Reports HR-MA-12-001
05/30/2012 Suspension and Debarment Program Audit Reports CA-AR-12-002
08/27/2012 Rehabilitation Assignments for Employees Injured on Duty Audit Reports HR-AR-12-004
09/21/2012 Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Program Audit Reports HR-AR-12-006
09/21/2012 Postal Service Challenges in the Equal Employment Opportunity Process Audit Reports HR-MA-12-003
04/04/2013 Supervisor Workhours and Span of Control Audit Reports NO-MA-13-005
04/18/2013 Donated Leave Accounting Audit Reports FT-MA-13-012
05/17/2013 Use of Non-Traditional Full-Time and Postal Support Employee Positions in Processing Operations Audit Reports NO-AR-13-003
05/23/2013 Management of Detail Assignments Audit Reports DP-AR-13-006
07/05/2013 Overtime Use During Fiscal Years 2011 and 2012 Audit Reports HR-AR-13-002
07/12/2013 Postal Career Executive Service I Annual Leave Audit Reports HR-MA-13-003
07/25/2013 Postal Service Injury Compensation Program Audit Reports HR-AR-13-004
08/16/2013 Use of Postal Support Employees in Customer Service Operations Audit Reports DR-AR-13-006
08/20/2013 Employee and Labor Relations Manual Revisions Audit Reports HR-AR-13-005
09/12/2013 Limited Duty and Rehabilitation Employees Returned to Work Audit Reports HR-AR-13-006
09/24/2013 W.F. Bolger Center for Leadership Development Audit Reports HR-AR-13-007
09/27/2013 Grievance Settlements and Payments Follow Up Audit Reports HR-AR-13-008
09/30/2013 Emergency Preparedness for Hurricane Sandy Audit Reports HR-AR-13-009
12/18/2013 Procurement-Related Ethical Violations at Vehicle Maintenance Facilities Audit Reports SM-MA-14-002
02/06/2014 Unscheduled Leave Activity in the Los Angeles District Audit Reports HR -MA-14-004


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