Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
09/29/2000 Erie Performance Cluster's Process for administering continuation of pay Leave Benefits Audit Reports HC-AR-00-002
09/29/2000 Administration of Aspects of the Injury Compensation Process - Long Island District Audit Reports LB-AR-00-002
09/29/2000 Review of violence prevention and response programs in the Arkansas District Audit Reports LB-AR-00-010
09/29/2000 Inspection Service Awards Program for Law Enforcement Employees Audit Reports OV-AR-00-003
09/29/2000 Review of the Violence Prevention and Response Programs in the North Florida District Audit Reports LB-AR-00-007
11/27/2000 Review of Indemnity Claims Process Redesign Audit Reports OS-MA-01-001
12/21/2000 EEO Complaint Settlement Agreement Revised 12-21-00 Audit Reports LB-AR-01-013
12/29/2000 Abandoned Postal Service Records Audit Reports LB-LA-01-001
03/27/2001 Review of Safety and Health Inspections in the Pacific Area Audit Reports LC-AR-01-004
06/07/2001 Management Practices in the Alaska District Audit Reports LB-AR-01-019
07/10/2001 Assessment of Management Oversight of Administrative Leave Used in Los Angeles and San Diego Audit Reports LC-AR-01-008
07/18/2001 Review of the Effectiveness of the Employee Program in Central Florida District Audit Reports LC-MA-01-001
08/23/2001 National Capping Report on the Postal Service Violence Prevention and Response Programs Audit Reports LB-AR-01-020
09/28/2001 Cleveland Performance Cluster's Process for Administering Continuation of Pay Leave Benefits Audit Reports HC-AR-01-001
09/28/2001 Columbus Performance Cluster's Process for Administering Continuation of Pay Leave Benefits Audit Reports HC-AR-01-002
02/28/2002 Review of the PS's Communication of Employee's Safety Health Issues Audit Reports LH-MA-02-002
03/22/2002 Sexual Harassment Prevention Measures in the Maine District Audit Reports LH-AR-02-002
04/26/2002 Postal Service's Breakthrough Productivity Initiative Awards Audit Reports CQ-OT-02-001
07/30/2002 Inspection Service Health Examination Program Audit Reports OV-AR-02-003
09/26/2002 Work Performed by Business Mail Entry Employees in the Colorado Wyoming Performance Cluster Audit Reports CQ-AR-02-001


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