Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
12/02/2019 A Closer Look at Postal Labor Costs White Papers RISC-WP-20-001
12/09/2019 First-Line Supervisors in the U.S. Postal Service White Papers 19SMO005HR000-R20
12/11/2019 Compensation, Benefit, and Bonus Authority in Calendar Year 2018 Audit Reports 19BG009FT000-R20
02/12/2020 Effectiveness of the Postal Service’s Efforts to Reduce Non-Career Employee Turnover Audit Reports 19POG001SAT000-R20
03/06/2020 Options to Reduce Unfunded Retirement Liabilities Audit Reports 19BG010FT000-R20
03/18/2020 First-Line Supervisor Resources Audit Reports 19SMG010HR000-R20
03/18/2020 Management Structure at the Postal Service Audit Reports 19SMG011HR000-R20
04/13/2020 First-Line Supervisor Recruitment and Retention Audit Reports 19SMG008HR000-R20
07/14/2020 Informal Grievance Oversight Audit Reports 19SMG007HR000-R20
08/06/2020 Workers’ Compensation Program Cost Containment Activities Audit Reports 19-031-R20
08/25/2020 Assessment of Overtime Activity Audit Reports 20-209-R20
09/11/2020 Independent Report to OPM - Employee Benefits, Withholdings, Contributions, Supplemental Semiannual Headcount Reporting Audit Reports 20-224-R20


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