Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
02/22/2018 National Recycling Program Audit Reports HR-AR-18-002
03/01/2018 USPS’s Limited Duty and Rehabilitation Programs Return to Work Processes, Southern and Pacific Areas Audit Reports HR-AR-18-003
03/20/2018 Oversight of Contract Extensions Audit Reports SM-AR-18-001
03/26/2018 Controls Over Time and Materials and Labor Hour Contracts Audit Reports SM-AR-18-002
03/30/2018 Mail Processing Facilities Staffing Audit Reports NO-AR-18-004
05/29/2018 Employee Background Screening: San Francisco, Bay-Valley, and Sierra Coastal Districts Audit Reports HR-AR-18-004
06/11/2018 Postal Service Disability Retirement Application Process Audit Reports HR-AR-18-005
06/18/2018 Opioid Safety Preparedness Audit Reports HR-AR-18-006
08/01/2018 Timecard Adjustments at U.S. Postal Service Facilities in the Greater Boston District Audit Reports HR-AR-18-007
08/10/2018 Employee Issues at the Dickinson, North Dakota, Post Office Audit Reports HR-AR-18-008
09/11/2018 Accuracy of Grievances in the Grievance and Arbitration Tracking System – Houston District Audit Reports HR-AR-18-009
09/17/2018 Postal Service Accident Safety Policies and Procedures – Great Lakes Area Audit Reports HR-AR-18-010
12/12/2018 Maintenance Workhour Charges at Southern Area Processing Facilities Audit Reports NO-AR-19-003
02/05/2019 Underground Storage Tanks Audit Reports HR-AR-19-001
04/19/2019 Review of Postal Inspection Service Criminal and Administrative Processes – Fort Worth Division Audit Reports HR-AR-19-002
08/22/2019 Nationwide Employee Background Screening Audit Reports HR-AR-19-003
09/19/2019 Oversight of the U.S. Postal Service’s Uniform Program Audit Reports SM-AR-19-007
09/20/2019 Salary and Wage Rate Retention Audit Reports FT-AR-19-009
10/24/2019 Custodial Workhours Audit Reports 19SMG006HR000-R20
11/06/2019 Supply Management’s Control Environment Over Contracting Officers Audit Reports 18SMG023SM000-R20


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