Datesort ascending Document Title Type Report Number
09/27/2022 Timecard Administration Follow-Up Audit Reports 22-079-R22
09/15/2022 Aboveground Storage Tanks Audit Reports 22-078-R22
08/17/2022 Management of Suppliers’ Contractual Performance Audit Reports 21-261-R22
05/27/2022 Supplier Qualifications Audit Reports 21-264-R22
05/27/2022 U.S. Postal Service Knowledge Continuity Audit Reports 21-255-R22
05/20/2022 U.S. Postal Service Recognition and Awards Program Audit Reports 21-263-R22
04/29/2022 Overtime Administration System Audit Reports 21-251-R22 |
01/07/2022 Unscheduled Leave – Absence Without Leave (AWOL) Status Audit Reports 21-140-R22
10/22/2021 Springfield, MO, Processing and Distribution Center Grievances Audit Reports 21-124-R22
10/08/2021 Views of the Postal Service As an Employer White Papers RISC-WP-22-001
09/23/2021 Controls Over Contract Labor Hours Audit Reports 21-109-R21
09/23/2021 Peak Season Hiring Audit Reports 20-316-R21
09/15/2021 Independent Report to OPM on Employee Benefits, Withholdings, Contributions, and More Audit Reports 21-182-R21
08/27/2021 Accident Reporting Audit Reports 21-015-R21
08/18/2021 Processing Selected Resignation and Reassignment Personnel Actions Audit Reports 21-070-R21
06/16/2021 COVID-19 Leave Administration Audit Reports 21-032-R21
04/16/2021 U.S. Postal Inspection Service Washington Division Audit Reports 21-005-R21
04/12/2021 U.S. Postal Service Exit Processing Audit Reports 20-167-R21
12/09/2020 Timecard Administration Audit Reports 20-180-R21
11/20/2020 Employee Safety – Postal Service COVID-19 Response Audit Reports 20-259-R21


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