Datesort ascending Document Title Type Report Number
06/26/2017 Unscheduled Leave in the New York District Audit Reports HR-AR-17-007
05/04/2017 Postal Inspection Service Consumer Fraud Fund Audit Reports HR-AR-17-006
03/06/2017 Hiring Custodians in Des Moines Post Offices Audit Reports HR-AR-17-005
03/03/2017 Non-Career Employee Background Screening in the Los Angeles District Audit Reports HR-AR-17-004
01/27/2017 Accuracy of Grievance Settlement Payments Audit Reports HR-AR-17-003
12/20/2016 Non-Career Employee Turnover Audit Reports HR-AR-17-002
12/07/2016 Management Alert – Security of Mail Transported on Trailers Audit Reports HR-MT-17-001
10/12/2016 Packages Suspected of Containing Marijuana Audit Reports HR-AR-17-001
09/29/2016 Management of Maintenance Employees' Sick Leave in the Mid-America District Audit Reports HR-AR-16-006
09/28/2016 Postal Service Workplace Violence Program Audit Reports HR-AR-16-004
09/27/2016 Management of Electronic Technicians' Overtime at the Madison P&DC Audit Reports HR-AR-16-005
05/10/2016 Management Advisory - Postmasters and Supervisors Performing Bargaining Unit Work Audit Reports HR-MA-16-004
04/29/2016 Postal Service Reporting of Occupational Safety and Health Administration Injury and Illness Rates Audit Reports HR-AR-16-003
04/07/2016 The Postal Service's Handling of Office of Workers' Compensation Program Claim Forms Audit Reports HR-AR-16-002
03/14/2016 Management Advisory - Workers' Compensation Compound Drug Costs Audit Reports HR-MA-16-003
02/04/2016 Union Steward Activity in the Capital Metro Area Audit Reports HR-AR-16-001
01/28/2016 U.S. Postal Service Government Relations Responsiveness to Congressional Requests Audit Reports HR-MA-16-002
10/06/2015 Management Advisory - U.S. Postal Inspection Service Revenue Investigations Audit Reports HR-MA-16-001
09/25/2015 Management Advisory - Designation of Law Enforcement Officer Positions Audit Reports HR-MA-15-006
09/09/2015 Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program in the [Redacted] District Audit Reports HR-MA-15-005


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