Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
09/30/2004 Lessor Maintenance Enforcement Audit Reports CA-MA-04-006
11/02/2004 Beach Haven, New Jersey, Post Office Audit Reports CA-OT-05-002
12/08/2004 Efficiency Review of the Mansfield, Ohio, Main Post Office Audit Reports NO-AR-05-004
09/29/2005 Maintenance Offices- Acceptance of Facilities Repair and Alterations Projects in the Southeast Area Audit Reports FA-AR-05-001
02/22/2006 Efficiency Review of the Washington Bulk Mail Center Audit Reports NO-AR-06-003
03/30/2006 Data Input Validation for the Facilities Database Audit Reports IS-AR-06-006
05/26/2006 Postal Service-s Replacement and Repair of Facilities Affected by Hurricane Katrina Audit Reports FA-MA-06-001
06/05/2006 Las Cruces, New Mexico Delayed Mail Audit Reports FA-MA-06-001
09/22/2006 Facility Utilization at the Los Angeles, California, Worldway Airport Mail Center Audit Reports NO-AR-06-007
09/29/2006 Postal Service-s Schedule Awards Program in the New York Metro Area Audit Reports HM-AR-06-007
09/30/2006 Bridgeport, Connecticut, Processing and Distribution Facility Outgoing Mail Consolidation Audit Reports NO-AR-06-010
02/08/2007 Sale of the Philadelphia Main Post Office Audit Reports CA-MA-07-002
05/14/2007 Postal Service Facilities Maintenance and Repair Costs Audit Reports CA-AR-07-003
05/18/2007 Use of Existing Postal-Owned Space in the Great Lakes Area Audit Reports CA-AR-07-002
05/31/2007 Efficiency Review of the Dallas Bulk Mail Center Audit Reports NO-AR-07-005
06/14/2007 Use of Existing Postal Service-Owned Space in the Pacific Area Audit Reports CA-AR-07-005
07/17/2007 Enterprise Architecture in Postal Service Engineering Audit Reports DA-MA-07-001
07/31/2007 Great Lakes Facilities Service Office Use of the Parsons Indefinite Quantity Contract Audit Reports CA-MA-07-004
09/13/2007 St. Louis Equipment Maintenance and Waste Disposal Audit Reports DA-MA-07-002
09/26/2007 Priority Mail Hub Operations in Plano, Texas Audit Reports NO-AR-07-011


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